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Conan Stevens Bodybuilding Photos July 2009

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Alright after much delay and much sidestepping the issue I grabbed my phone out of my pocket after training today and asked a fellow that I have never seen before to take a few photos outside the gym.

Conan Stevens July #8

Bigger Leaner And More Bearded Than Ever

Yep, I have a beard - why? I ran out of razors one day then forgot to buy them next 2 times I went to the supermarket and decided to grow it to get some new photos as I believe it gives my face and demeanor a totaly different aspect...


2009 Muscle Photos Of Conan

Friday, 06 February 2009

These photos were taken in China during the filming of True Legend at the local gym.

The camera was my trust Nokia N95 which does not take good indoor photos and the pics are also a bit blurry as I got a local guy to take a couple dozen photos in a fast sequence and these were the best pics.

conan_stevens_jan_2008 (4).jpg

Finally Looking Like A 7 Foot Bodybuilder 

Big Don (who is a professional movie animator) helped clean up the pics as best he could for me so here they are...


Massive Chest Pump and Shoulders - 21 Aug 06

Sunday, 20 August 2006

21 aug 06 - Chest Pump

Massive Chest & Shoulder Pump 

Today is chest and shoulder workout day.  I trained Chest and shoulders together because....


Training to Get Big Legs, Quads and Hamstrings

Wednesday, 09 August 2006

Today is leg workout day, fortunately I used to train with some New Zealand powerlifters (Harry, thanks for calling me a girl so much I had to Squat with you guys to save face) so my quads are strong, so in proper bodybuilding tradition I bring you.... 

10 Aug 06 - Big Quads - well at 7

How Do I Get Big Legs

Now if you are new to this site and say they aren't big legs - well I am over 7ft tall which makes my legs huge.  In fact in Thailand the running joke is that my legs are bigger than a womans waist, which we often test - and it is true (well at least for the sort of women we talk to)....


BIG ARMS! - Bicep and Tricep training - 13 July

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Big Arms, bicep peaks, hanging triceps - everyone wants them. How about these big arms - want to learn how to build big arms quick?


Want Big Arms Like These?

Here's my workout to get  big arms fast....


Chest and Shoulders 9 July 2006

Sunday, 09 July 2006

Today I train Chest and Shoulders. But first some theory

Right, I feel good. Finally after a good talk with my mate Hilly we have decided to get back to basics, back to what made us big in the first place.

Heavy, heavy weights, low reps. Easy.

Now in the second week of this training my body is hurting like it never did with the 15 sets of 15 reps pumper work out, or any other combo training I have done for a long time. 

  9 July 2006

Chest and Shoulders Training

Read on for full workout details....