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Email From A Newcastle, Australia Wrestling Fan

Monday, 30 October 2006

At the height of my wrestling career we did a wrestling tour with Sabu, Marty Jennety, Chris Candido, and a couple of other top names. We did a national tour and today I recieved an email from a fan who remembers it... 

This is the email from Sam... 

When i went to my very first wrestling show, I was 9 years old. I have been a fan of wrestling since the age of 3, and when the AWF came to Newcastle (1999)... I thought it was excellent as i got to see many wrestling greats like Sabu, Marty Jennety, Chris Candido etc. but you were a stand out, as a fresh & upcoming star... even at that age i knew you would become a star.

Now you have done just that. Having success in acting and your wrestling career.

Of course i've always wanted to be a wrestler and then seeing you, that night in Newcastle, just made me that much more interested in becoming one.

I want to thank you for your work you've put into your website and i believe its fantastic. I'm now 16, 6'2" and at around the 100kg mark. I attend the local gym 3 times a week and i have my own wieght set which I work out with every other day and also follow guides similar to your tips about weight lifting.

I would simply like to thank you greatly, that your great success has inspired me.

 - Sam



Thanks Sam, I must say circumstances for me were similar except we had no wrestling in Newcastle when I was that age - I realised I was too tall to become a serious bodybuilder so I decided that I wanted to be like Hulk Hogan. Now years later I would dwarf the Hulkster.

Seems that the Hulkster tagged me into the ring and now I have tagged you in - keep it up get some training from AWF in Sydney and you'll get the chance to live your dreams.

These are the sort of emails that inspire me to keep writing this website, to know that I have had a positive influence on others is gratifying beyond just achieving my own goals, so thankyou to everyone who writes.

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