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How To Become An Overnight Success

Friday, 10 November 2006

How to be an overnight success. You see it in the news all the time, some new star is suddenly 'discovered' working as a labourer fixing roads, or as a nobody waitress working no where important - one day they are a zero next day they are a hero.

How does this happen? Or more importantly - How to be an overnight success?

The media loves to print stories about how someone was suddenly "discovered" and are now big stars - overnight.

A close friend recently contacted me regarding a story he had heard in the media (TV I think) about some guys who started a website, with a simple idea and a couple of years later sold this simple idea to Google for US$1.65 Billion. He was quiet excited as he had just started a website, the way the story reads it sounds like a lucky get rich quick scheme that pulled off.

I thought what rubbish.

Reading further I found another website where the fellow was saying how lucky these guys were to make this website run it all from home and then sell a home based business for so much money.

From a couple of guys working out of their garage to a $1.65 Billion dollar website sale - overnight success!

The media made it sound all you need to know to how to be a success is luck.

Total Rubbish.

Reading further I found that the people responsible for this were none other than Chad Hurley (age 29) and Steven Chen (27). Co-founders of

These guys have worked their butts off to achieve this, I do not know the full story but I have been personally involved in several near startups that have gone on to worth over $1 million and  growing. These guys had to work and work and work 16 hour days, seven days a week for years to get where they are. Nothing happens by luck or chance and there is no such thing as an overnight success.


Luck is looking for opportunites and being prepared for when one presents itself

Same as many people look at me and say you are so lucky. Lucky for what? All the hours and time I have spent in the gym? Lucky for all the feel nice convenience foods I cannot eat? All the TV and movies and the safe secure job I passed up? Lucky for living like a poor student for 20 years in order to make my dream come true? Lucky that I have had to 'diet' because I had no money for food? 

Exactly what am I lucky for? My height? It was a huge disadvantage growing up, I was constantly tormented and picked on by older kids, I was very self conscious for most of my youth.

How To Be A Success 

Luck is about taking what you have and looking for the good in it, and making your own opportunities.

At the age of 17 two close friends said they were going to become professional Bodybuilders. I at that time knew I was too tall to make it in Bodybuilding and that there was no money in Bodybuilding unless you were #1, so I thought about it. 

So at the age of 16 I came up with this - I am going to be the biggest Professional Wrestler the world has ever seen, then I am going to make movies like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

I first started weight lifting at 16. I am now 36, next year I will be 37. I have spent nearly every week in the last 20 years going to the gym and watching what I eat. I have pursued this dream my entire life. I should have been a little less focused on being big and a lot more on marketing myself, and getting out of Australia before this. I learnt from my past mistakes but back then I thought someone would discover me and make me into an overnight success just like all the people in the media fantasy stories.

I have taken a 5+ year nerve injury that completely devastated my body and my emotional state.

I am now back on track and am working in movies regularly, I am a full time professional actor.

Next I intend to make it to the United States and work a couple of B grade action movies to prove myself. Once I do this then it is only a matter of time until I do my major movie...

Then guess what....  the newspapers will scream....

Overnight success! A new Action Movie Star was found vacationing in Thailand!


I found myself, I worked myself, I have had a mission for 20 years that has destroyed other parts of my life that many people hold dear (job, security, family, partner).

When I make my "lucky break" it will be the same as every other overnight success.

We have all worked our way to success through the many failures along the way

You learn from your failures and progress, next time you make different mistakes, so you learn and move on.

The only failure is the guy who gives up


What do you want to do with your life? I am going to make it - even if it takes me another 20 years. You can make it to. What do you want to do? Start working on your overnight success career now... it'll take some time :)

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