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Best Cardio Exercises To Lose Fat And Excess Weight

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

People often ask me what is the best way to lose fat. Besides the obvious of stop eating rubbish the other suggestion is to take up some cardiovascular exercise (cardio).

What is the best cardio exercises to burn body fat is often the next question.... 

Cardio does not work on a one off effort. You cannot start doing cardio exercises for 1 or 2 weeks and expect it to have a profound effect on your body composition. You will not lose weight to any great degree. You need to do cardio exercises as an ongoing commitment. 

Cardio workouts make you lose weight by getting your body moving to use calories, cardio workouts raise the heart rate and increase your metabolic rate, even after you finish your cardio workout, thus you lose weight. Cardio workouts longer than a 20 minute period  start to lose weight by tapping into your bodies excess stores of energy - your fat cells. This is why a cardio workout to lose weight should be 45 - 60 minutes in duration.

Best Cardio Exercises

The best cardio exwercises are ones that you enjoy and will do continually. If you do not keep at your cardio exercises with consistancy then it is not going to help, especially if you quit through boredom after the first 3 weeks.

What sport do you like? Forget keeping the pulse rate at 80% of VO2 max and all that rubbish. It has been shown that burst interval training will burn as much, or possibly more fat than constant 80% VO2 max (training so you can just talk as you exercise without strain). What this means is that the theoretical experts cannot agree what is the best cardio exercises, so don't listen to them.

Do you like sprints? Do you like long (fast) walks? Swimming (fast)? Playing touch football? Tennis?

What do you like? That is the best cardio exercise for you.

Best Cardio Exercise For Fat Loss 

What use is it if I tell you getting up at 6am and drinking 3 black coffees, and aspirin and doing a slow jog / fast walk for 60-90 minutes every morning before breakfast is the best cardio exercise to burn fat - how many times will you do this before you give up. By the way, this is the best cardio exercise method for fat burning if you are on a deadline and can stick with it for the required time - switching to something you enjoy as an ongoing activity after you reach your goal.

ANY strenuous exercise that lasts 45 - 60 minutes will do the job, but longer exercising is better.

If you can do 2 hours of cardio a day then break your cardio training into 2 segments one first thing in the morning one later in the afternoon, the reason is that cardio exercises keep your metabolism elevated and thus burning fat for a while after you stop, so doing it twice a day can help more.

So the best cardio exercises  are what you enjoy most, this is the thing that will burn fat the most for you over a year.

As I said, ANY exercise will do, a good long athletic session in bed (several hours is good - read some books on Tantric sex if this seems impossible) with your favourite partner will even do (actually this is a personal favourite as it is enjoyable, something you will never get bored of and does not even seem like cardio exercise), not to mention a host of benefits for your hormonal and endocrine system.

Best Cardio Exercise Time

The best cardio time to burn fat is in the morning (assuming you sleep nights) before you eat, this guarantees that your energy levels will be low and your body will be forced to burn fat for energy. Having a black coffee (no sugar) before doing your exercise will help

When Is The Best Time To Start Cardio Exercises? 

Just get out and do it, well maybe not that, but do some cardio exercise regularly and you will get results. Just stick with it for 3 months to start with then set another goal and adjust the exercise after those 3 months are up .

If you put off starting today then you will likely put it off for weeks, months, forever so just make a decision and stick to it.

Just go for a walk in the morning even, it is low impact so it won't hurt your joints and everyone, well nearly everyone, can walk each day.

If you cannot make it in the morning go for a walk after dinner, it'll help use some of those calories that you just ate before you go to bed. 

But remember the best cardio exercises are the exercises that you will continue to day day in day out.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Mix and match, change it around, you do not have to chose and do only 1 cardio exercise for hte next 3 months, change it daily to keep it interesting. That is the best cardio exercise, something you enjoy.

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