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Lack Of Or No Energy? Always Feel Tired? It Might Be Your Diet

Thursday, 21 September 2006

One week I was lacking energy, I was sluggish and would say I always feel tired, I felt like I had no energy. Just going to the corner shop seemed like a huge task.

The next week I was bouncing off the walls, running around looking for things to do, I felt like I was on drugs. Lack of energy to full of energy in one week....

... the only thing I changed was my diet.

Diet alone took me from always tired with no energy to full of beans, so what did I do? 

I had gone from eating 3 big meals a day to 6 smaller lighter meals. At the time I was weight training and trying to get as big as possible by eating a lot. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were huge fatty meals. I would eat potato chips (french fries), fried eggs and sausages with gravy, and I would drink 1 litre of full cream milk with each meal to wash down the food. Looking at it now I guess there was 80+ grams of fat in each meal.

Everytime I ate all my body's energy went into trying to digest all those fats and calories. The fats and oils in my diet were slowing my digestive system down and my whole metabolism with it. No wonder I had a lack of energy and always felt tired

The massive change in my disposition and my personality occured the week after - we had read about this new idea on eating (new to us anyway).


Eat more like you would eat if you were in nature, eat often, eat smaller amounts and eat regularly.

We tried it.

Every 2 hours we would have a small low fat meal. To start with it was hard to eat every two hours but when we made our meals smaller we found that we would get hungry every 2 hours or so. In this case to start with we would eat a couple of tuna or chicken sandwiches and count that as a meal, sometimes just a piece of grilled fish and some fruit would suffice.

Within days we found we had so much more energy that it was unbeleivable. At the time I was only 22 but i distinctly remember saying to my mate "I feel like a child again with so much energy"

After so long always tired with no energy I honestly felt like I was on drugs.

Not only did we feel like going out and doing things we also felt happier, we were laughing more and in a better mood. I felt good about life and things in general.

Try the change, eat at least every 3 hours and eat low fat, low sugar foods, preferrably non-manufactured and unprocessed foods too.

The way it works is by keeping your blood sugar levels up - giving your body energy ready to use continually, this leads to uplifted mental, emotional and physical levels. And with the new energy levels you feel like going out and doing things.

If you are feeling down, tired and lethargic try it, just do it exactly as I said for just 2 weeks and see what difference it makes for you.

Personally I have now been eating like this for 14 years, but you just give it two weeks and see how you feel.

UPDATE: Other remedies of always tired, lack energy / no energy

  • Vitamins, esp 'B' group. Take some organic ones or get a vitamin B shot from your doctor
  • Iron tablets, when your iron is low your body gets tired too, try an iron supplement
  • If you are a male having a lot of sex then consider Zinc supplements and eating a few whole eggs a day
  • Try my low recipes for energy giving meal ideas

But first and foremost change your diet if you are feeling lethargic

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