Photos of Conan in Movies

Massive Conan Interview Over At TORn

Sunday, 20 October 2013 has published a massive (11 typed pages) interview with me about pretty much everything Conan, well you'd expect a lot in 11 pages wouldn't you?

Pop over  and read it, there is a fair bit of information not yet covered on this website.

TORn? Yes, it's THE big Tolkien fansite - in fact it is so special within the community that the editors were invited to the set while we were filming "The Hobbit" - the only media allowed on set at all. If you are interested in the LOTR or Hobbit trilogies or are a Tolkien fan and have not yet seen the site do yourself a favour and join the discussions over there.

PS I auditioned for a comedy movie and sent the tape off via download link on a private server yesterday. I was happy with the acting I filmed, let's hope I fit what the Director  wants.

PPS The last two WOW! projects I was up for chose other directions so I won't be appearing in nor discussing them again.  Sorry about that.

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