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Game of Thrones Audition Tape and Interview

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Would you like to see the original Conan Stevens audition tape for Game of Thrones? The Audition take as Drogo.

Drogo? But didn't I play as Ser Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane - yes but Gregor was not in the pilot episode so I auditioned for Drogo knowing that I was unsuitable but hoping to get before the Casting Agents before the official casting call for Gregort went out (if the show was green lit).

You can see in the beginning of the interview I stress my size rather a lot, as I impossibly tried to live up to the massively built 8ft tall character I hoped to play.

Well now you can, and you can read a LOT more about Conan's work as Gregor Clegane in Season 01 over at

Thanks go to MJ Snow for asking relevant and interesting questions, though i am known for doing long interviews this is probably the longest interview I have yet done.

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