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Conan Stevens Showreel

Saturday, 12 September 2009

This is the most current showreel from Conan Stevens. Further down you will find links to older showreels whereby other actors can view the progession of Conan's career, and help plan their own advancement.

Conan Stevens' showreel has progressed from a few shots of movie/TVC work filled with some physique shots in the gym, some old wrestling footage, and a small skit of myself ordering Thai food in my (then) terribly broken Thai. There is no reason an actor cannot have a showreel, in similar fashion - show your niche skills and abilities and shoot some footage yourself if you do not have enough professional footage yet.

The showrrel progressed from the main self shot stuff to clips from TV commercials, to stuntwork and TC's, then to stunt work and acting scenes.

Now I can finally say that I have an "Acting" showreel, taken from commercially released movies and TV series, with fight and some stunt stuff breaking the acting sequences apart.

Current Showreel

Does not include footage from the following unreleased projects: A Man Will Rise, Skin Trade, Mystic Blade, or Runestone.


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