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Conan Stevens Showreel Aug 2009

Wednesday, 02 September 2009

New Opportunity = New showreel.

Just about everytime a new chance for a movie part that is big comes along, out I come with a new showreel... if I can... So that means I have been asked if I would like to be in a new BIG movie that everyone will know??? Can't say just yet but had an interesting social meeting the other night....

Since Bangkok Adrenaline is now out all across Thailand I can get some footage, unfortunately it has all been dubbed into Thai.... except for 2 deleted scenes that were added to the DVD edition as extra features!

Yay! Footage of me speaking English! Not dubbed into Thai, Hindi, or Mandarin as usual. 

Bangkok Adrenaline Instores Across Thailand

 Bangkok Adrenaline In Stores (Powerkids is the DVD above)

Funnily enough the Powerkids DVD was on sale just above the Bangkok Adrenaline DVD. Too bad the Powerkids footage is useless at this point in my career....

That's right, for the first time I have actually left out whole movies from my showreel as I can now concentrate on putting only my best stuff in, rahter than putting in my only stuff, which was the limitations with my previous  showreels.

So grabbing Som Tam and Bangkok Adrenaline and looking at all my other talking scenes I chose the best 2 from Bangkok Adrenaline (well there were only 2 deleted scenes so I took them) and a few scenes from Som Tam and glued them together with action clips.

Why the pirate fight so early, it isn't my best fight. Well you see the new movie opportunity would involve fighting with melee weapons, swords or axes for example so I thought it best to display that I had some experience in film (as well as medieval fighting experience in the SCA).

Now, here's what you have all been waiting for:

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