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Jimmie Wing Shoots New Conan Portfolio For New Specialty Agent

Friday, 14 March 2014

After years of not being asked for headshots because headshots are useless because my height and physique are the important factors in my castings - the number of times I was called in as an agent sent a photo of my face only to be told "Why didn't your agent tell us you were so tall?" to which the only answer I had was "Because my agent doesn't do his job properly."


Jimmie Wings New Intense Headshot For Conan

So  why did I go and get headshots now? Well the answer was to find a specialty agent where ALL the talent is either very short or very tall - how tall? Well you have to be over 6'6" (198cm).

But wouldn't being listed with a bunch of other tall actors increase the competition and make it harder to get work? As a beginning talent that could be a problem, as an established actor with a certain specific niche (sometimes called a stereotype) this is not something that bothers me.

On top of that the Agency specialises in Fantasy and Science Fiction movie placements.... perfect!

With my current experience this is a perfect match as I have monster suit experience (Man-Thing and Hobbit), various prosthetic experience, the right genre experience, fighting and choreography expertise, and most importantly a large muscular build that allows me to carry whatever costume they design with very few restrictions.


Full Body Plaster Cast For "The Hobbit"

So now I feel comfortable giving this agent my headshots as her clients will be requesting very tall actors, in addition if I got the headshots there very quickly I could go into their print catalogue that gets sent out to all the Casting Agencies in the UK. So now my face and resume is in front of everyone that matters when they are looking for a tall actor.

See the benefit. It's like a stand alone restaurant competing with a street full of restaurants of various styles. The street of restaurants will draw dinners from a larger area because people will know they can find what they want there. Like these restaurants it is up to us as actors to differentiate ourselves to appeal to different tastes.

For example, I love this 80's style macho super hero like photo and am keeping it in mind to send off when I find an appropriate agent in India:


Conan To The Rescue

But for this agent in the UK I sent off this photo:


Which highlights my most apparent strength, which is my physique against most tall actors who seem to be rather slim.

As for the actual headshots I chose these two: 

CONANFB5A3144                    CONANFBBW5A3064.1

I like the intensity of the first photo, my idea was to show that I can portray emotions and hopefully stand out agains the typical smiling headshot, the second photo is a 'nice' photo just in case anyone thinks I am only a hard case, I want to show I am a little bit human too, and it is a good photo showing my jaw line.

For anyone looking for professional headshots in Bangkok I would heavily recommend Jimmie Wing who can be contacted via email on This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  

Jimmie has been a professional photo journalist all his life, has ongoing contract with print magazines, is a specialist in lighting, has won prestigious awards for two short films, knows the industry and what is expected and most importantly is very, very easy to work with. So basically he is professional and his work is too.

And the new UK agency is Oh So Small / Oh So Tall. That now gives me a grand total of ONE agent, so I am rather excited about having someone who understands how to present me to possible projects.

There are some other "irons in the fire" but still some work to do. This year should be a good one for me.

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