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BIG ARMS! - Bicep and Tricep training - 13 July

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Big Arms, bicep peaks, hanging triceps - everyone wants them. How about these big arms - want to learn how to build big arms quick?


Want Big Arms Like These?

Here's my workout to get  big arms fast....

Bicep and tricep workout - why do I train these together?

  1. Big arm pumps feel great
  2. Chest and Shoulders together for the moment, so that leaves triceps with another body part... biceps!
  3. Stretches the muscle sacks (fascia) so they dont restrict growth
  4. Allows you to really hit these two important muscles HARD
  5. Focus is entirely on growing big arms fast for the entire workout, better concentration

In this bicep/tricep workout I usually do alternate exercises with biceps and triceps. This means that I do one exercise Biceps then I go do one full exercise Triceps and for the last sets to really kick them into pump mode I superset. Bicep, tricep, bicep, tricep, bicep, tricep making three sets of each with no rest.

Unless you have a good reason you should always start with the heavy basics, in this case Barbell Bicep Curls followed by Tricep Extensions, in both cases below these weights are heavy for me - 3 sets of each.

13 July   13072006100.jpg

Barbell Bicep Curls and Laying Tricep Extensions - Big Arm Builders 

Next for the big arm workout came, machine preacher curls! Machine you ask - that's not hardcore, well no, it's not, but 3 reps into Dumbell Hammer Curls my left forearm was hurting so much that I could not continue, so on to plan B - 3 sets with the stack (all the weight). Risk managment and injury prevention are more important than a heavy duty arm workout



Bicep Preacher Curls (Machine) 

Just to make up for the biceps holiday I just had we then jumped over to the bench for close grip bench press for triceps - this will teach me to be a wimp....


Close Grip Bench Press For Big Triceps 

Again here you can see my triceps recovering nicely with 2 plate very close grip (too close in fact) benches, this is a great tricep building exercise that you cannot go without as a base strength exercise.

13072006119.jpg 13072006124.jpg

Cable Concentration Bicep Curls Superset with Cable Curls 

We finished off biceps with some cable concentration curls supersetted with my patented "get the buggers up any way you can cause my arm stings like hell" 15 reps of the concentration curls then 15 additional reps normal cable curl with lots of cheating toward the end as the burn set in - 3 sets here.

The result. Big Bicep pump 

The concentration curls are to help build the outer head in your bicep, it is the outerhead that gives the bicep peak when you hit a pose and it is the outer head that gives thinckness to your arm when you are just standing around - for such a small muscle it has a lot of impressing to do so make sure you work it. For a really impressive outer head look at Arnold Swarzenneggers double bicep pose, you'll see what I mean. 

Triceps were by that stage begging for similar workout, I thought of taking them down to the S&M parlour but considered for the price I could save money and teach them a lesson myself....

13072006128.jpg 13072006131.jpg

Superset Cable French Press and Tricep Pushdowns 

 15 reps (with cheating) cable French Press immediately followed by 15 reps (with cheating) Tricep Pushdowns for 3 sets of each.

CONANS TIP: Cable exercises do not build muscle or strength, use them to shape and pump - also good for injury recovery.

The results of this big arm workout - they speak for themselves:


Big Bicep + Big Tricep = BIG ARMS 

Want big arms quick , just follow my example :) 



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