Photos of Conan in Movies


Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Here in you will find a ton of photos from my old bodybuilding days when I was young and naive about the ways of life. I thought being huge would make me rich and famous. I did not know that I also needed to market myself - no problem, solved that now.

A small album shows the initial damage that the nerve injury caused, at this stage I was still trying to train through it. Still eating hard and training as hard as I could. Later the muscle wasting became much worse and I had to retire from heavy training and just concentrate on fitness. This was the most depressing time of my life. I did not take any more photos after this, I was in pain and very upset about the whole thing. My outlook on life was not very good.

RECOVERY! There is the current album that I will fill with new photos detailing the recovery I am now making and the progress that is occuring. I believe I am now at my biggest ever and am definitely at my happiest in years.