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The Bodybuilding Secret to Getting Big, Huge and Massive

Monday, 21 August 2006

Every man and his dog claims to have the bodybuilding secret to make you get big muscles fast, but can they back it up?

I have put on 73kg of muscle since I started training. Not only do I know the bodybuilding secret to getting big, I have done it, and now you can too....

I see people running around spending hours on internet forums, buying all the latest magazines, supplements and underground publications. Hours and hours of effort spent in trying to figure the best work out routine, heavy or light weights, high or low reps. Follow HIT, Heavy Duty, Powerlifting or Pumping principles.

Studying every bodybuilding guru or strength coach, weighing up all the conflicting advice from world champions and respected authorities. 

Hours of wasted time. If they put that much time and determination into their diet and just turning up to the gym then they would get bigger muscles.

I see these idiots all the time, latest supplements, latest protein powder, latest training books and methods, latest training clothes, latest training shoes, latest training jocks! They talk about how big they are going to get and the latest and supposedly best training methods.

They laugh at me because my training is 'old fashioned', my supplements aren't trendy, I use cheap basic WPC80, I take creatine monohydrate sometimes.

They hit the gym for 6 weeks then disappear. 2 years later I see them and they start talking about all the gear I must be taking as I have much bigger muscles now. Often they try to justify their own failure by putting me down, calling me a "cheat" while they take the moral high ground. Retards.

I go to the gym, everytime I am supposed to, for 20 years. I eat 8 times a day - every day I do not skip meals. Dedication is what makes me big. Being a quitter is what makes them a failure. Nothing I do makes any difference to their physique so blaming me is just stupid.

6 week burnouts I call them. 

You see many people get caught up in all the crap theory when all that really matters is that you train regularly, you make a decent effort and you eat often and healthy - do this and you will grow.

You can do a light workout, in nice form and strict, feeling the muscle, plenty of guys got big doing this. You can throw a heavy weight around cheating and doing powerlifting style exercises - plenty of guys get big doing that too, look at the Olympic Lifters.

But what is the one thing these guys have in common?  They don't skip workouts.

I read some of these articles on gaining muscle and have no idea what they are talking about, all this jargon, and scientific sounding names for everything, they are trying to make it too hard. They are trying to make themselves sound like experts because they don't look like experts.... often they lack the physical proof that they know what they are talking about.

In fact these skinny little wanna-bes know more about bodybuilding theory than I do.

But when was the last time they made a  5kg muscle gain, let alone 73kg? Do they know it, or have they read about it? 

They probably write about how to have multiple orgasms and how to drive a woman wild too, I mean they have read all about it so that makes these skinny virgins experts..... right?

Here's one example "mini-periodization training method", WTF is that? 20 years in the gym and I had to look it up. Basically it means you train light when you don't feel like training heavy.


So heres my take on all this, go to the gym everytime you are scheduled (and not injured), train how you feel, if you don't want to bust your guts do a light workout because it is better that you go to the gym with consistency than to start avoiding the gym because you don't enjoy it. 

Now here's the fast muscle gain bodybuilding secret condensed..... 

1. Stay at it for years and you'll get gains. Enjoy your workouts, enjoy your time at the gym and just keep going.

2. Eat (don't drink meals, eat real food) every two to three hours depending upon your size, never skip meals, NEVER

3. Rest, don't party too much, muscles grow when you rest not when you train.

4. One week in six have the entire week off weights - you will grow and come back stronger, believe me on this one. 

That's it. That is the bodybuilding secret to getting big muscles fast. Enjoy your time in the gym and be consistant, don't stress, enjoy your life, keep it simple, worry about the big things, or better yet don't worry.

Even if you can't put on 73kg of muscle, even if you follow my principles and put on only 20% of that, that comes out at 14.5kg or 30 pounds of muscle gain. How would you feel then?

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