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New Photos Of Conan - Now Leaner Than Ever

Monday, 26 February 2007

Here are some new photos we shot this week for a Muscle Gain For Beginners book I am writting.  You can see I am leaner than I have ever been before and looking good.

Lean, Muscular And 7 Feet Tall


What more do you need in an action hero?

Over the last several months I have been concentrating on loosing fat, while maintaining or growing the muscle.

Want ot know how to loose fat, get lean and get big muscle all at the same time.... 

First a little information on the book. As I said in a recent posting money is becoming a problem (or lack of it is) as the Foreign Film industry shut down over the last 9 months due to the Military Junta taking power which has been followed the last 3 months by the 'rainy season' when no one films anyway.


 The Importance Of Stretching Is Explained In My New Muscle Book

So in an effort to be more productive and more income producing I am now working on several other projects - one of which is a book on Muscle Gain For Beginners (Using Weight Training) - that is the current working title, I have several options for the final title. The book is co-written with John Hill  from

Over the years I have put on 73kg. John has put on 49kg. That is a far cry from the skinny teenagers we once were when we first met at Charlestown Gym back in 1987. 

I think that makes us qualified to give advice on how to gain muscle. 

 WTF Is This Exercise? I Tell All In The Gain Muscle For Beginners Book

Following are a few more photos that are to be used in the book, we cover all the essentials the beginner needs to know to gain weigt, or more precisely muscle.


Lean Muscular Conan, Even My Double Chin Has Gone 

We are  writting the book to suit complete novices. When we started everything was confusing, everyone was saying different things and everyone was selling some other system. What should we do? Which system? Which program? High Fat or High Carb Diet? How much protein? What is a carb or protein for that matter?


Chin Ups For A Wide Back With Real World Strength

We were so confused that we each did something different and saw what happened, wit habout 6 of us training regularly it made experimentation easier. Now 20 years on we have had a lot more experience and a lot more experimentation under our belts so we know what works and what does not.

In this book we write exactly what works for us, why it works and how we did it. No fancy systems, no fancy diets. Everything is exactly as we do it today. We both have time to have a life outside the gym, the muscle does not control us we use the gym to enhance other parts of our lives.

We also include a 'lifestyle' section in the book and will probably shoot a short video to go with the book showing our life in Thailand - at the 'New Venice Beach'.


Everyones Favourite - Bicep Curls 

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