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My Recovery From Nerve Damage (New Photos)

Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Seven years after my first discovery of the bad news I can finally say that I am almost fully recovered from the Nerve Damage

The photos below tell the story.         

Aug 2005 Relaxed                    06march2006relaxed.jpg

18 Months Ago Compared To Yesterdays Photo

Inside are some more photos taken at the gym yesterday and another comparison... 

The cure for the nerve injury? Time.

The inital pain subsided after about 6 months then I tried to train and regain the muscle but the nerves were not sending signals to the muscles. The muscles were wholly inactive, unable to contract, they muscles were essentially useless. As such they wasted away.

I concentrated on fitness, running in the soft sand, open ocean swimming and light weight training 2 or 3 times a week. 

18 months after I initially decided to get serious with my training again I can finally say that I am comfortable with my level of musculature again 

 Aug 2005 Double Bicep                   06march2006doublebicep.jpg

From Fit To Huge - Not Bad For An 18 Month Recovery 

 Here are a few more photos taken at the gym yesterday. Sorry for the bad lighting, I had to take the pics on automatic settings with the timer - I am sick of trying to get people to take photos of me and they have no idea - like the guy I asked to get photos of me doing deadlifts and the fool took photos of my face ???

Front Lat Spread Photo

You may have noticed my arms are looking huge - they are. I have changed my training not so long ago to focus on my arms as they were lagging, especially my triceps.

Also these photos are taken after a bicep and tricep workout so I have a nice good pump 

Big Arms 


Big Bicep And Tricep Pose (Yeah I made this one up)


Side Chest With Huge Biceps Shot

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