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Deadlifts And Bent Over Rows For A Big Thick Muscular Back

Tuesday, 06 March 2007

My back is sore, in a good way. My back is getting stronger and bigger each week, I can feel it. I get a huge back pump after only 2 sets in the gym.

My posture is improved and I stand taller. 

The exercise is one of the oldest known and most basic exercises, yet there are only 3 people in my gym that do it - Deadlifts. Why are we the few who do it? Why does no one else do it? 

That's because we're not lazy in the gym...

... Too many people are lazy in the gym, if you make the effort to go to the gym you may as well put in a little more effort to get the best effect.

They go to the gym and then hang around the cable machines for their entire workout. Now these people I give credit too - they are trying to get better, they just do not know how to improve.

Wouldn't it be better if these people could spend their time more  effectively and make gains for the time and money they are spending. I think so.

To do this you need to give your all in the gym, give 100% when you are there.

In fact if you want results in your life give 100% all the time.

And the best effect you can get in the gym as a beginner or an advanced trainer is to do bent over rows and deadlifts.

As a beginner you should do these exercises to build up your overall body strength.

Too much misinforation is spread about these exercises by incompetant personal trainers and weak minded lazy people. They say these exercises are dangerous, I say any exercise performed wrong is dangerous - so use correct form and an appropriate weight and you will suffer no harm, in fact you may get great health and muscle growth benefits from deadlifts.

I have introduced 2 friends, both office workers to deadlifts, they both say it makes thier back feel so much better after sitting in a chair all day. In fact when I go to the gym with Peter and I ask what do you want to do today he almost always answers "Deadlifts!" 

Now you do not have to do these as a olympic lifter going for a gut busting one repitition max, but do your 3 sets of 8 to 10 lifts with a weight you can only just manage this number and you will feel great.

The first few times you do Deadlifts your back will be very sore - this is good. You should only train light the first 2 months to get your body used to this new exercise. Over this time your body will adapt and grow, it will straighten out the kinks and improve your posture, making you stand straighter, which is much more attractive than a stoop shouldered office chair slump.

Also of interest is that Deadlifts are the BEST forearm and the BEST trapezius (traps) exercise you can do. 

When you start your Deadlift regime get an experienced person (power lifters are good) to watch over you and help you with your form. For the first week you should just concentrate on your form with a very small weight. If you go heavy with a bad posture and technique you can cause serious injury, this is one exercise you must respect.

Bent Over Rows are almost as good as deadlifts. They target the back more and work the rest of the body less. Both are essential for a full back strengthening program.

Too many weight trainers spend about 80% of their time and effort training the front of their bodies, and neglecting the back (and hamstrings and calves) this causes severe imbalances that will cause problems later in life - better to get your training on track early and save yourself a whole pile of back problems.

Deadlifts and Bent Over Rows work your ENTIRE back unlike pulldowns or machine rows. If you want to get a big back do what the big boys do.

You would not exect to build a big chest doing cable crossovers all day - same - you're not going to get a big back from cable exercises.

Just try deadlifts for 3 months and see how much bigger and stronger you get! 


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