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Answers on GoT Gregor Clegane For Fan Emails

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I have been receiving a fair few emails from fans of Game of Thrones regarding rumours that I might appear in GoT Season 04, in a word I have not been contacted for this so I have no idea where the rumours may have originated from.

So following on you will find an answer to an email from Jake that covered a lot of points that other emails were asking, and me being particularly lazy to write articles for this site decided to use the email as an article.

 If anyone is interested I'm writing another script - whether it is made or not it keeps my mind active and improves my abilities in this area and believe it or not there is a limit when "holiday" becomes "unemployed" and the whole difference in outlook that brings that even tropical beaches cannot change. Where I come from an unemployed person at the beach is called a "Beach Bum."

As such I have taken steps to create future employment, at least I am working on improving myself and my career, and not waiting on others to help me or give me work.

But back to the point, following you will find the email I sent Jake.....

Hi Jake,

Thankyou for your confidence in my acting abilities.

To answer your questions I have read the books, all of them, as background before I even started filming. There is not much information on Gregor so I had to get all the information that I could so I could decide what it was that made him the way he is so I could have a reference point in my acting.

No one is mean or cruel for no reason, and the reason will affect the way it is portrayed. Someone who is mean because they are weak and scared  is not the same as someone who is mean because he has a splitting headache 24/7/365 and cannot sleep at nights due it to intense pain.

Some sort of back history of the characters early childhood is also important, a lot of a persons emotional baggage can be found to originate in early childhood. Obvious a person like Gregor does not come from a loving, functional, family.

[Spoiler]I am aware of the fight with a certain snakey character.[/Spoiler]

It and the tourney scene are the defining moments of Gregors character, a time to show the audience why the mention of Gregors name is so frightening when he is not around.

I had to take this into consideration in the tourney scene if I was to play Gregor true to the books, and the intent of the character, and more importantly for me to keep the character the same over the span over several years filming.

If this scene is kept in the TV series I will watch it with interest to see how it is played by Mr. Whyte, it will be good to see how an actor with a different background to myself approaches this scene.

Additional since there are not many of us very tall actors around it will be good for us in general for Mr. Whyte to display his acting abilities so that Hollywood writers notice that there is a growing stable of tall characters they can now write into scripts and cast for. With the Action/Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror genres perfectly suited to our body types it will be good to get the word out that we are around - hire us!

As for if I will/can work again I already covered this in this article here .

Unfortunately I cannot give out any private contacts that I might have for HBO, etc. and as for "The Hobbit" I cannot speak at all about it as I am still under a watertight Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Cheers, thankyou for taking the time to write to me,


PS Watch out for Vikingdom (IMDB) (trailer ), it is set for a 12th September 2013 cinema release in Malaysia/Singapore and has worldwide distribution deals in place and I know that there are some major countries releasing to cinema but I am not sure how many or which they are, or even if it is all of them?

PPS According to this Ukranian website Vikingdom is releasing 18th July in Russia and 8th Oct in Ukraine , both cinema releases. Nice :D

 PPPS Thailand release in 'Major Cinemas' on the 3rd October 2013

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