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It Never Rains It Pours

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Since I cannot write about what I am doing so much these days I have not been writing so much, but here is a run down on what's been happening and what I have been too busy to do and unfortunately missed:

I have appeared in a TV pilot and visited Los Angeles, USA and the very famous Hollywood, learnt my way around there and caught up with some long term pen pals there as well as a very respectable agent from a very respectable agency, a manager and a bunch of other industry people, did a couple of auditions. Got some good advice and it was a good trip, I know my way around LA now and am prepared to go stay for a while soon. I think I am quite prepared enough at this stage and just need to build a reputation in LA as a step forward next.

Since then I had a quick beach holiday in the tropics completely forgetting it was monsoon season, so it more hot sticky indoors holiday as I only saw the beach from a rainy, wet distance.


I have been preparing for "Nameless " which I cannot talk about but IMDB lists me as 'The Dreamkeeper' which could suggest it is a bit of a fantasy genre role, but then it could suggest anything - so you'll have to wait and see. And I'm working with Gimli, well the actor who played Gimli at any rate John Rhys-Davies - my first impressions? An English gentleman in the true sense .

After that I've been cast in a big name movie that I could not unfortunately make it to, and there are talks ongoing about a possible return to India soon.

After that there has been a call out for a new James Bond villian in the vein of Jaws or Odd Jobs as can be read here: Impact Online, and if you read that link you would have noticed my name in there - why? Well I must admit I do seem to fit the type they are looking for quite well - huge, over 6'2" and stunt/fight capable, and I think it is ok at this stage to say I, with every other tall hopeful in the world, have been forwarded to the casting people for this role. Unfortunately that will be the last I can say about it until the role is officially announced.

I was also contacted, but unable to work due to scheduling, in a circus to play over Hannukkah in Israel, I've always wanted to say I ran away with the circus and unfortunately missed the chance this time, and a trip to Israel would have been fantastic, as you probably know there is a little bit of history that happened upon that ground.

And one other possible BIG surprise, which as usual I cannot talk about nor even hint at. I'm excited at any rate, I hope you are too when/if the news is officially announced.

So things seem to be picking up, let's hope no one blows up the world in 2015 as I'd like to taste success first ;)



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