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International Bodybuilding Magazine And 4 New Film Projects

Monday, 03 March 2014

Anyone who checks the Conan Stevens IMDB page will notice a few new additions recently. In fact there are four new additions to the page.

Well about time you might say, well yes, but considering I had last year off in The Philippines to fix a nasty case of metabolic syndrome (diabeties, leaky gut, severe mental fog, ineffective immune system, battling with 5 hrs a day exercise to keep lean, hypo thyroid, chronic fluoride poisoning, chronic fatige, adrenal exhaustion, magnesium deficiency, hyper calcemia, etc) not to mention the massive frustration at having eaten exactly the diet we have always been taught to eat when it turns out nearly all that information is incorrect (high carb, low fat diet).

So besides all that I have still managed to be somewhat productive while returning to health.

First up, a Looooooong term goal was achieved. When I was 16 years old I remember looking in one of the first bodybuilding magazines and saying out loud "One day it is going to be me in those magazines."

So now in the February 2014 issue of one of the big names in Bodybuilding, Musclemag International, I finally achieved that dream:

Musclemag InternationalConan Athlete Profile

Conan Stevens Athletic Profile - Musclemag International

I was very excited to achieve that goal, I have a few more up my sleeve and each day I creep closer to having the ability to achieve them. Here's a clue to the biggest one left - I wrestled professionally for 9 years and never achieved my goals due to a nerve injury  - watch out for what I have planned, it's going to be big. I just need a boost to my current fame to be able to pull it off at the top levels ;) And it's all planned out.

So as to the four additional film projects, here they are:

SKIN TRADE: (IMDB) I play a bodyguard to Ron Perlman, and fight with Michael Jai White in a small role. Also appearing in the film are Dolph Lundgren (who is also writting and producing) and Tony Jaa.


Ron Perlman and Conan Stevens

SON OF GOD: (IMDB) A new movie detailing the life of Jesus as portrayted in the Bible, edited together from the footage filmed for the massively successful History Channel mini-series "The Bible", in this I play Goliath from the Old Testament in the prelude.

NAMELESS: (IMDB) A US film shooting in the east of Europe this year, this one is a very exciting project for me as it is my first job through a Hollywood Casting Director. If I do well on this there is the distinct possibility that I will gain more notice from the mecca of actors.

RUNESTONE: (IMDB) Wonderfully appropriate role for me in this new teaser/pilot for a TV series. Here let the production company explain:


A Viking Character From The Runestone Website

It is the late 9th Century. To avoid a blood feud with neighboring Jarl, Orn Hallvarthr, Viking hersir Styrkarr Naeskunungr evacuates his fishing village and sails his longboat 'Ravenswing' into unknown waters. A powerful storm blows the ship adrift, and eventually they make landfall in the New World - populated by tribes of indigenous peoples. It is a curious event for the witnessing natives, who are quickly in disagreement over the outsider's arrival and what it signifies. Thus begins a journey of adventure, mystery, conflict, and drama. A historically inspired epic Viking saga presented as a live action mini-series. Runestone. 

All in all I am very excited by the prospects of the up coming year, it seems like the 28 years since I decided to be a movie star are all coming together, and with my newly regained health (mental and physical).

It'd be nice if it was all me doing it but I heard a quote from Vin Diesel the other day that I'd like to share, it went something like this:

I create a character that is bigger than me then I call all my friends to help me hold it up to the audience for them to enjoy.

For a non-actor what that means is that you are not watching Vin Diesel on screen, youu are watching a fictional character made by himself and all his friends, making movies is a team sport.

I liked that explaination very much, it explains why I encourage fans not to idolise the actors you see on screen, well myself especially.

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