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Triceps Not Growing - Now Train Chest And Triceps Together

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Over the last months (since I have stopped partying so much) I have been getting some great gains, but my triceps are not growing as quickly as they should be.

Previously I was training biceps and triceps together to get massive arm pumps, this too was working but I found with the way that I train chest and triceps make a better combination...

Previously my split was Chest/Shoulders and Biceps/Triceps. The reason I used this split was because when you train your Chest it also works the shoulders a lot - especially if you do heavy Benchpress - which I have just started doing again.

The problem is that you also use your Triceps a lot in Chest and somewhat again in Shoulder Presses. This left my Triceps weak on Arms day. I would push for all I was worth but my Triceps never really got sore. I tried to remedy that by starting Triceps with a pushing exercise as previously my best gains were from doing powerlifting style movements and going for big strength gains.

In the case of Triceps for me this meant heavy close grip and reverse grip benches (followed by heavy Tricep Extensions). However on swapping to the Chest/Tricep split it is now 2 days later and my Triceps are still sore.

After doing Bench Press, Inclined Dumbell 1/2 reps then some Dips (with positioning for Chest) followed by Flyes, my triceps were a already exhausted. I followed on immediately with Tricep Extensions, then Dips (with positioning for Triceps), and some Slow Rep Pushdowns to get a little extra blood in there.

By the time I got to the pushdowns my Triceps were wrecked, they were really sore. I think the 6 sets in total of Dips may have been the main culprit.

I also think that maybe training my triceps twice a week (chest and shoulders works triceps a lot) then again on arms day (biceps/triceps) that I may have been overtraining them with two 70% workouts a week, whereas now I have one 100% workout and I am sore and growing.

The next problem is to see how my shoulders react to getting two workouts a week... 


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