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2009 Muscle Photos Of Conan

Friday, 06 February 2009

These photos were taken in China during the filming of True Legend at the local gym.

The camera was my trust Nokia N95 which does not take good indoor photos and the pics are also a bit blurry as I got a local guy to take a couple dozen photos in a fast sequence and these were the best pics.

conan_stevens_jan_2008 (4).jpg

Finally Looking Like A 7 Foot Bodybuilder 

Big Don (who is a professional movie animator) helped clean up the pics as best he could for me so here they are...

Here are a bunch more photos from the same session.



Going to try to be a fair bit more serious with my training this year, last year I did not do too bad but I think the drinking/partying 5 days a week may have held me back.

Currently I am back to cooking my own food at home rather than eating Thai food out all the time and I can feel the difference in only a week, plus I am getting in regular doses (daily) of red meat and have added potato and western style vegetables back into my diet.

For instance last night before bed I ate a huge double handful of low carb vegies (cabbage, carrot, brocolli, baby corn, beans) with 2 eggs and a 300 gram home made beef rissole. Perfect for a good nights recovery....

Now if someone would shoot the builders next door I would actually get a good sleep. 

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