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Thai Food Oddities

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

One of the great things about Thailand is the huge variety of exotic foods, for example here are a couple of snaps I took the other day, just walking around


BBQ Chicken feet anyone?

Apparently fried chicken feet are crunchy and very tasty, being that I like BBQ chicken skin I would tend to think this is true, though I have not eaten any yet.

This one is a favourite example of English gone wrong, reminiscent of South Park's Chef and his chocolate salty balls...


Who wants to eat my Chocolate Colon?

Chocolate filled tubes, someone wasn't translating very well the day these were named. 

Or maybe you would prefer the real thing, and I'm not  talking Coca Cola here.... 


BBQ Pigs Intestinal Tract 

Personally I'll take my intestines minced up with other horrible bits inside, and we'll call it a sausage or a hotdog shall we, thankyou that is much better for my Western sensibilities.

French fries? Since when where the French ever known for eating potatoe? The french are know for eating two things cheese and..... I bring you.....


French Fried Frogs!

Damn Crickets keeping you awake at night? Creepy Crawlies infesting your house? Simple solution....


 Why didn't Starship Troopers think of this? Bugs! Eat 'em.

In case you think it is all nasty and extreme, here is a photo from the local supermarket


 Cheap Chicken

That works out about  89 cents a kilo for chicken thighs and $1.82 per kilo of chicken breast, bodybuilders paradise.

There is always something to try or see here, maybe one day you'll get bored enough to eat fuk... .who knows? 

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