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Tuesday, 08 August 2006

My first possible appearances in an Indian movie and a Korean movie, both these initial appearances would then gain me exposure in those markets and open further opportunities in these areas. Remember Indian Bollywood makes more movies and has a larger audience than Hollywood.

This is a part of my goals - to do a major movie in every major market worldwide.

So far I have done Australian, US, French and Thai movies and appeared TV commercials in a few other countries on top.

This week I recieved a call from Daniel O'Neil, whom I worked with on the French Pirate movie, asking if I would be interested in coming in to meet the Director of an Indian movie.

Also there is talk of a Korean movie shooting soon, are you interested? 

YES - when, where and what are the Indian and Korean movies? 

As it turns out ion typical style this side of the world the initial meeting with the Indian movie Director had to be scraped as he flew to Phuket to scout some locations on short notice.

This gave Daniel and I time to talk with the Thai movie Director and the Stunt Co-ordinator over dinner as can be seen in this standard Thai street stall dinner scene, note the obligatory Beer Chang and spicy leftovers.

Stuntmen + Co-ordinators in top level meetings

Turns out these fellows are quite established in the industry here and it seems that they are just the guys I have been needing to meet here in Thailand. This should help me as an actor. (2015 UPDATE: lol, wishful thinking from a junior artist)

The Korean* movie has a bunch of characters who have huge body tattoos of their totem animals and we have also adopted a suitable fight style to match our animals. It was first proposed that I have a Bull, to which I replied - no a gorilla is better for me and the way I fight. This was translated to them as King Kong tattoo and they were heartily in agreement as to this idea.

The Indian Movie Director we actually did manage to meet today, this is his first professional movie personally Directed by him so it is a special project. In this my actor role is proposed to be the big cool nightclub guy whom the accident prone Indian actors  fall afoul of in the beginning scene (they try to pick up my girlfriend), only to keep having chance encounters through out the movie at the most inopportune times.

As yet there is no written contract but verbal agreement has been made and preliminary money discussions have been made. 

* Turns out this will be a big budget Thai movie, not Korean after all. 

UPDATE: We shot the 'korean movie' which turned out to be Thai, and things changed significantly as they always do in movies - the secret is not to get upset by the changes as the almost never have anything to do with you and are most often driven by factors beyond your control.

The Indian movie producer we met with one more time but unfortunately once he left Thailand we never heard from him again.

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