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"The Big" Thai Movie Shooting A Movie Trailer In December

Wednesday, 06 December 2006

The Hannuman movie (The Big- working title)  that I cast for months and months ago is going ahead as now planned. I am to play a massive Martial Arts Warrior, with the spirit of a (sacred animal) giving me my power and style.

Today all the fighters, stuntmen and actors met for a preliminary costume fitting... 

... Shooting will take place in late December, just before Christmas (which is not celebrated here).

This is the movie that I auditioned for that prompted me to write my blog article The Movie That Never Happens.

Seems I opened my mouth/wrote too soon. The movie is going ahead now and we are shooting a trailer that will introduce the main characters and the star actor with a short fight scene.

The scene will consist of the star actor falling (by wires) into the midst of a group of tough fighters (us), he fights his way out with a bunch of expertly choreographed, wire enabled moves (Daniel O'Neill will be bringing his Hong Kong stunt expertise in as fight choreographer).

What does wire enabled mean I hear you ask.

This means that the actor will have thin steel wires attached to straps under his clothes, strong but invisible to the camera to aid him in jumping and in doing some of the more extravagent moves like the backflip from my chest.

This is a good sign because (1) I am getting paid and (2) it means this is a serious project and will go ahead from here, meaning that (3) I will get paid again in future.

Just like everyone else I love getting paid and 5 months of no work due to overseas concerns over the (completely stable) political situation in Thailand has stopped foreign investors, and more importantly for me, foreign producers are taking their money elsewhere.

I will post the Hannuman movie trailer up as soon as I can manage to get a hold of it.

After the photo shoot Panakorn films called and told us that the trailer shoot was cancelled.

This is good news for us, bad news for you.

Bad News: you won't get to see a Hannuman movie trailer until the movie is shot

GOOD News: It means that the producers have secured funding already and do not need to waste time making a trailer to show to potential investors so the movie can go ahead faster. 

UPDATE: Read the Hannuman filming day blog 

* Daniel O'Neill declined as stunt coordinator to work on Bangkok Adrenaline instead 

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