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Bangkok Adrenaline - Our Movie Is Go!

Monday, 20 November 2006

Bangkok Adrenaline, our movie idea is going to be made into a feature length movie! I just got back from a meeting with a major movie investor. On the spot they said yes, how much do you need? Our movie - Bangkok Adrenaline - is going ahead on schedule.

Bangkok Adrenaline will be Thailands first foreign actor dominated English speaking movie and is we now have a working draft of the script, the money the key players lined up. Everything is now going ahead - and I wrote the Bangkok Adrenaline script and am a co-starring character.

I am so happy at the moment... 

*** For full details of filming, behind the scenes photos and video and a complete collection of the various trailers and teasers go here: Bangkok Adrenaline Movie Fan Site 

There have been several meetings for Bangkok Adrenaline funding or sponsorship over the last month, many people have expressed interest but so far not all the funding to film the entire movie was available.

Todays investor meeting was different.

Today we met with a company that is responsible for bringing in all the overseas movies to Thailand... they understand the industry well... they know the figures... after an hour they said "yes, how much do you need"  but...

... they stipulated they would only invest in Bangkok Adrenaline if they could invest and do the marketing and distibution, even negotiate international sales through their contacts... perfect for us complete newcomers to this side of the movie industry.

If they like the finished Bangkok Adrenaline movie then we now have Cinema release and national DVD distribution by a large retail chain... this is going to be big for our careers.

Bangkok Adrenaline Script2.jpg   Bangkok Adrenaline Script.jpg

The Bangkok Adrenaline Script - 128 pages of Action / Comedy 

Getting the funding for Bangkok Adrenaline at this stage was critical to our original plan - 2 of the top Thai actors would be unavailable if shooting did not go ahead according to our schedule. We had an alternative backup plan but we really wanted to stick with the characters we wrote the script for.

Crikey, This industry is volatile.

(For the entire Bangkok Adrenaline blog as it happened go here )

Just this week I have been on an emotional roller coaster, ready to leave Thailand, ready to move to Cambodia to just rest and wait until  my share market portfolio is ready to sell and the local movie market recovers foreign confidence after the recent Military Coup .

Now our movie, Bangkok Adrenaline, is full steam ahead. There is so much work to do, so much practice and choreography to fit in between now and then - it is from complete boredom to action stations in one afternoon.


My phone was on silent during the Bangkok Adrenaline investor meeting, after the meeting I had one missed call... Daniel O'Neill

I called him back.

The movie Daniel and I cast for months ago (Hannuman Klook Foon)is go. We have another meeting on Thursday with the producer and will work out the timing.

As a fresh recap I should be a major character fighting with the Gorilla as my totem spirit (?), ie I will fight with the power and style of a Gorilla - each character will fight a different style according to his animal spirit.


A break through in both Bangkok Adrenaline and the Hannuman movie in one afternoon... and that is not all today I had other news that we are shooting a short for a Reality Webcast "TV" show. This is on thursday morning so come back thursday afternoon for some big news.

Oh yeah I need to go see the Rambo 4 people some time this week too.... 

.... Bangkok Adrenaline... watch for it!  

Bangkok Adrenaline has done very well. 7 weeks in cinema in Thailand with almost no advertising, national DVD distribution and sales to all major movie territories. 

Bangkok Adrenaline is being advertised (25th March 2010) on Irish TV by a video rental company the same as would a major release movie, advertised alone - basically they think Bangkok Adrenaline is good enough to advertise on TV as a stand alone product.

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