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Monday, 15 October 2007

Drona, this years big budget Bollywood movie, directed by Goldie Behl, starring Abhishek Bachchan as a superhero, former Miss World Priyanka Chopra will play Abhishek's bodyguard and Kay Kay Menon will play a negative role.

Drona also features Conan Stevens in a..... negative role (read on).

Drona is expected to bring the best special effects yet to date to Indian cinema, and through my involvement, though limited at this stage I can confirm this. Some work is even being done in Australia by a very experienced special effects company that has worked on some absolutely huge Hollywood films....

Abishek Bachchan Dhoom 2              ConanWEB603.jpg

 Drona - Abhishek Bachchan vs Conan Stevens

Drona Audition

Lol... audition. The Drona Producers found me via a websearch and then located my blog profile and my website and sent me a request to contact them, after emailing and talking on the phone a few times I was officially offered the position... so much for movie auditions :) 

I was contacted regarding Drona first back in July 2007, now 3 months ago and have spoken with the production team on various occasions with constant emails in between - and we have come to an agreement that I will be appearing in the superhero film Drona.

The take home part of this.... The production studio originally found me by doing a Google search for a 7ft Muscle Man

I can confirm at this stage that I am playing in Drona directly with Abhishek Bachchan. At this point I do not want to betray the confidence of the producers by giving too much of the story line away.

More Drona and Bollywood news will follow after I fly to Mumbai, India sometime mid November 2007.

Drona - my big break in Bollywood ??? (UPDATE: Lol, no such thing as a big break, just steps forward.)

(2015 UPDATE: Well there was a "Big Break" after all - the 3rd Assistant Director on "Drona"contacted me again in 2015 for a part in "Brothers", he was now the 1st Assistant Director and had recommended me, and the recommendation accepted. Though I did get work in the 2nd biggest grossing movie in India to that point of the year it wasn't a big break that shot me to Hindi Stardom.)

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