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Bangkok Adrenaline Stunt Team Trailer

Saturday, 16 December 2006

We have now released a trailer of the stunt team featuring some of their best work to date. In this movie we are giving the guys open slather to produce their best tricks, stunts, parkour yet.

This movie is going to break barriers - nothing like this has been produced ever before... 

... never have these guys had the chance to display thier abilities so well. In Hong Kong no one could upstage the stars, in Thai movies no one can upstage the Thai stars, in the US and Europe no one was allowed to upstage the stars.

Now we make these guys the stars and they can FINALLY operate at their best levels.

Have a quick look at the trailer and you will see what I am talking about, these guys are some of the best Martial Artists, Acrobats and Tricksters in the world.

Just watch...

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