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Bangkok Adrenaline Filming Starts

Monday, 26 February 2007

Bangkok Adrenaline started shooting on the 24th Feb, we are now in full swing. I personally have my first day on the Bangkok Adrenaline set on the 1st of March, in a character establishing scene where the boys first formulate their half-witted criminal plan.


Buddhist Monk 'Blesses' The Camera And Crew 

Official launch day was the 23rd Feb, with a media launch and Buddhist ceremony to give good luck to the project....


Parts of the ceremony were Nationally televised and we were interviewed as a group with the main Thai actress Pooh Priya, each of us got a chance to introduce ourselves and say a little - this was the first time I have been aired speaking Thai. My Thai friends understand me when I speak - I wonder if the rest of the nation did... 

At the gathering we had the 3 main investors to Bangkok Adrenaline - without whom we would not be shooting at all - and an especially huge thanks to Khun Ae (seen below in the suit and sunglasses) for his early belief in the project and the doors he opened for us.


Daniel O'Neill, 3 main Investors and Gwion with Conan in the back

It was a first for Thailand to have a launch ceremony for a movie and have so many foreign actors / stuntmen in attendance. This is the first Thai movie to be shot with English as the main language, and the first Thai movie to feature so many 'Farangs' as main characters.

This will be interesting to see the reception, our thinking on this was for several reasons:

  1. Thai movies are proving popular in the USA, we thought an English language movie would have a better chance at overseas sales
  2. We planned this as an International movie from the start as we realise that being Famous in Thailand is not going to make us enough money to retire on, therefore we wanted to gain Credits (and experience) in an International Film
  3.  There is a lot of under utilised talent in Thailand. The Thais obviously want to show off their stars abilities, whereas we want everyone to shine as bright as possible regardless of nationalityso the movie shines
  4. I cannot read or write Thai so it had to be English

As an additional surprise for me at the ceremony Eric, the Director, took the opportunity to publicly thank me for recommending him as Director. In fact the original Director Ray had lined up pulled out at the last minute, possibly 'the shakes' or stage fright as this was to be his first full length movie as the sole Director.

In a slight panic we set about interviewing other candidates, I recommended seeing a friend, Andy, who runs the Indie Film Club in Thailand.

We spoke to Andy briefly and asked about Eric (whom I also worked with on the Indie Sci-Fi Trailer shot late last year). Andy whole heartedly recommended Eric too.

A day later we were meeting with Eric at a coffee shop. Ray and Eric had a chat to start with before we got down to business. Later Ray said his first impressions with Eric were that he was a bit dubious of signing him up as Director. Eric was very blunt and forward and seemed not excited at all by the possiblity.

After the initial greetings we got down to business, Ray asked a few questions then Eric interrupted and said "I have a few questions to ask, do you mind if I go ahead?". He then pulled out 3 pages of tiny handwritten questions covering the pages and proceeded to 'interogate' Ray all about the movie technical requirements, lighting, proposed budget allowances for each item, other Prodcution team members, DOP, Sound, etc.

In all it took over an hour and Ray and I were both very impressed that Eric had come so well prepared, add his experience with lighting and shooting low budget Indie Films and the 4 or 5 good ideas he had to cut costs straight away without reducing quality and we where fairly certain we had found our man.

Ray had another meeting with Eric, to which I believe Eric turned up to just as well prepared with suggestions and more cost savings. He was talking the Producers language, he was listening and giving answers to the problems Bangkok Adrenaline was facing at the time.

Eric was hired. Preparation = employment.



Eric Dod, the (original and replaced) Director Of Bangkok Adrenaline

Now you'll just have to wait to the next Bangkok Adrenaline update, when you get to see me on set and acting for my first major (lead support?) role.

(UPDATE: Unfortunately after 3 days or so of filming Eric wasn't getting the shot coverage and seemed to have not read the script so Ray was unceremoniously dumped into the Directors chair. There is a lesson here.)

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