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Police Swoop on Heavily Armed Gang, Conan Implicated

Saturday, 29 July 2006

1.11pm Saturday, 29th July 2006 - Bangkok Police recieve a tip off that a heavily armed gang is assembling in the 'Economic Crisis Hulks', abandoned buildings on the outskirts of Lad Prao, Bangkok.

Two 'sacrificial' police officers were sent in to investigate while a dozen more armed officers made ready to assault......

The police found three heavily armed mercenaries chasing one heavily damaged Synthoid through the dirty, broken maze of concrete. The police were first spotted by the mercenaries who were fortunately having a lunch break.

Police Disturbance

Luckily the only shots taken were digital

Fortunately Thai Police are quicker on the shutter button than on the trigger finger, a short discussion and a check on the weapons and the Officers were lining up to take photos.

Here are a few more snaps from the Science fiction short we were shooting on the day.

 Sci Fi Trailer PicSci Fi Trailer scar

Conan the Mercenary 

Got to love the calmness of the Royal Thai Police. 

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