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How Late Is Too Old To Start Acting?

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Someone asked me the other day - am I too old to become an actor? I asked what he meant by too old - 30, 40, 50, 60, 70?

How old is too old to become an actor? How young is too young to beome an actor? That depends entirely on only one factor...


If you enter the profession of acting at an early age you have the advantage of gaining more experience throughout your career. Say you start as a child actor, by the time you are 45 you are going to have a bucket load of acting experience behind you - though looking at child stars of the 70's and 80's shows that this does not necessarily lead to future success.

If you start as an actor later in life then you have the advantage of more experience to draw upon to enact your emotions, and more people you have met that you can emulate. You are more mature and generally easier to get along with as your hormones and emotions tend to calm over time.

So the only thing that really determines if you are too old to become an actor at any age is will you do what it takes?

Will you put in the time and the hours to get the experience, will you make time to do free performances, are you sociable, can you make friends easily, are you a team player, are you easy to work with or do you crack under stress.

These are all factors in becoming a successful actor. You may have noticed that not once was "how old are you?" asked. How old or how young you start acting does not matter in the least.

There are always a variety of roles available for people of all age groups, there are young people and old people in movies just as there are in real life.

You can and should change your life regardless of age - if you are not totally happy with were your life is going and you want ot do something new and exciting go for it.

What age is too old to start acting? What age is too young to start acting?

None, you can act when you want. 

Don't let excuses like age come between you and the life you want to lead. After all the guy next door probably thinks he is too young to start acting...

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