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Conan Retained To Write A Movie Script

Saturday, 23 September 2006

Fair Dinkum! or for my Thai readers Jing Jing! This is a very exciting development for me! 7 foot movie script writer - who would have guessed?

World's Biggest Movie Script Writer! 

I am currently writing a movie script for an action/comedy that has APPROVED seed funding, filming should start in December.

I am also acting in the movie as one of the main characters...

... The movie is about four friends, deadbeats, living or should I say just surviving as best they can in Bangkok, Thailand.

This movie will bring together the best foreign Martial Artists and Stuntmen in Thailand in the main roles with several top Thai actors, actresses, a couple of comedians and well known Thai music stars into the one movie.

Script Writing - Conan Stevens And Ray Huber

Ray Huber and Conan Stevens - Movie Script Writing 

The story is by my friend and now Boss, pictured here with me - Ray Huber. I have been retained to help in the movie script writing to fill in the story, dialogue, additional ideas and comedy.

I will also be a main actor in the movie as a prize fighter, dim witted and slow, but with occasional outbursts of brilliance. Which is completely different to my real personality which is brillliant with occasional outbursts of dim wittedness.

The movie is a low budget movie production in the world scale but a mid level budget for Thailand.

Unfortunately I am not at liberty to say too much more at the moment, but will provide more news as the time comes. I can say that locations are being leased, major stars are currently being signed and sponsorships are under negotiation, all systems are go.

So there we go - 18 years after I leave school my outstanding English composition skills are finally put to use - who says you don't learn anything useful in school.

Movie script writer - I would never have guessed moving to Thailand would bring this opportunity.

UPDATE: The movie is Bangkok Adrenaline

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