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SFX Cinemas Publicity Show

Monday, 30 April 2007

Last night I was invited to the SFX cinema's publicity show at Siam Paragon, when I arrived the center of the huge shopping mall was full of movie and TV celebrities and reporters of all varieties.

I arrived just in time to be ushered into a photo with the other guys and shareholders of the Bangkok Adrenaline movie, we got our photos taken, some of the organisers were staring at me worriedly... 

... All they saw was some big guy pushing into the back of the photo behind some influential people. I just smiled at them once then promptly ignored them.

I think thier fears were allayed when the investors turned around and greeted me.

Yes, I am the unknown movie star.

With only one small acting part in cinema at the moment in Thailand many people do not recognise me, none of my major roles are in cinema yet and won't be until late this year (hopefully).

So afterwards myself and the other guys from B.A. milled around with the lesser celebrities until Daniel O'neill and I got bored of finger foods and searched out the SFX cinema temporary kitchen... and raided it.

Several bowls of prawns later one indignant organiser came up and asked us to move away. I just smiled back and said "No,it's OK, we're stars."

She was not impressed, I grabbed another bowl of prawns to her constenation and wandered back out into the crowd, where I saw some of the minor celebrities being interviewed. So I made silly smiles in the background and waved like a little child. Cheap thrills yes but I was bored.

We were then treated to drinks and a fashion show including the worlds worst choreographed fight scene, seriously it was terrible - but got all of us laughing our asses off, and Ron Smoorenburg (our fight director) staring in disbelief.

"Ron, was that one of yours?" I asked laughing

He looked around, at a loss for words.

We then recieved free passes to the SFX cinema and watched a trailer for Spiderman 3, and I headed back home not wanting to stay out late or go into the freezing cold SFX cinema with this sore throat.

So I went outside to realise it was pouring rain and all the taxis were taken, so I got to walk part way home in the rain, until I got a bus.

Yes soaked to the bone, on a crowded public transport bus but clutching my damp free movie pass - the glamorous life of a Thai Movie Star.


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