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Som Tum Movie Casting (Tom Yum Goong part 2)

Sunday, 02 July 2006

Som Tam (Pronounced Som Tum) the new Thai movie of the year is casting in Bangkok at the moment.

I meet with the Assistant Director on Wednesday - watch this space for updates. 

Nathan Jones is also signed for this movie. Two seven foot giants in one movie - this will be awesome.

 WEDNESDAY UPDATE - Met with the Assistant Director, and the Producer today...

The movie audition / casting started normally. Did some of the usual usual photos and a spoken introduction then they just stood there with the camera on and said nothing so I hit a few bodybuilding poses to give me a little time to think and then went into a Pro-wrestling style trash talking session off the top of my head about the subject of the movie.

If I had time to think I would have said it more in Thai rather than English, I managed to thrown in some Thai phrases anyway which surprised me  when I finished and thought about what I had just said.... and whether I had offended anyone..... luckily no.

Next the Som Tam movie producer asked if I was able to do acrobatics and stunts, I said yes, I used to be a professional wrestler, stunts are easy. So they said just follow what this stuntman does - the stuntman then proceeded to do three handstand backflips in a row.

My mate Ray later said "Hey Conan, you should have seen your face when that guy did the backflips" - eyes wide and mouth open

"You want me to do what?"

The Som Tam movie producers ended up getting me to to some more basic gymnastics like running somersaults, aerial twists and 270 degree breakfalls, followed up by telling me to hit the bag, with some kicks and punches to a lightweight punching bag.

If I sat there and just tried to box or do Muay Thai moves on the bag I would have looked terrible in a room full of professionals, so I did what I do best, 'hit' the bag uniquely in a way only a big guy can.

I think it is the first time they have seen anyone actually grab the punching bag hold it horizontal and knee and elbow the stuffing out of it... literally...

...bits of stuffing were falling out of the bag. Then I suplexed it for good measure.

I think I scored 2 on style and 10 on aggression and functionality on the bag work :)

I also passed the stunt audition.

I'll find out probably in 3-4 weeks what they have planned for me. 

Som Tum is a spicy Papaya salad, a popular Thai dish, consisting mainly (exclusively?) of unripe papaya strips and vast amounts of super concentrated chilli. From my understanding the movie is losely about foreign mafia groups trying to control the Som Tum market in Pattaya, Thailand.

Shooting starts end of August.  September now.

UPDATE: movie starts filming in May 2007! AND I GOT THE PART:

Possible alternate movie title Pattaya Papaya 

Som Tam Movie - I fight with Nathan Jones on screen 

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