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Conan and little green Bangkok buses

Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Forget the Yellow Submarine... lets get the green bus!

Part of the Bangkok Public Transport System these suicidal drivers are often the fastest way to get around. Not being a full sized bus they can squeeze into places and out accelerate full size buses, also since they are still bigger than nearly everything on the road they get right of way.

Green Bus outside

Bangkok Public Transport 

Here I am standing just outside the Green Bus number 14, why am I standing outside the bus?

Well similar to college students and their cramming fetishes with phone boxes and  mini minors, the Thai public transport system encourages the locals to play the local varient, though it seems only Green Buses are allowed as vessels....

Green Bus inside

Holding on for dear life 

Yes that is right I am not in fact standing outside the bus I am riding the bus - holding on for dear life as I take a photo racing along at 60kph in peak hour traffic. The bus is too crowded for me to fit inside, and I am not waiting 5 minutes for the next overcrowded one, besides it is a hell of a lot cooler on the outside.

Stuntman? No I just do it for fun - but sometimes people pay me to do it on film

And yes I think that guy is picking his nose.


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