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My Bad Thai - Sexual Misrepresentations

Monday, 26 March 2007

At Emporium the other night after watching the Thai epic movie Narusuan Part 2 (3 parts 3.5 hrs long each detailing the life of the king that formed Siam (now Thailand) out of warring city states) as we were leaving my girlfriend turned to me and asked if we needed anything from the convenience store on the way home, she wanted to get some washing powder.

As we walked past the cosmetics section in a large upperclass department store of Bangkok. I told my girlfriend 'Pohm ow Nam Hoi' (I want Oyster sauce), she went red, several women nearby looked at me....

.... she put her head down and let her hair cover her face.

I said what's wrong with that? 'Pohm ow tum gap Nam Hoi' (I want to cook with oyster sauce). She went really embarrased and I got a couple of filthy glares from some other nearby women.

It turns out that in slang the womans genitals can be called the same name as an oyster, so in low class slang what I said was that I wanted to cook with vaginal fluids.

Innocence in mistranslation. Although I like this better than the time I proudly publicly proclaimed myself to be a blowjob, because this time I managed to embarass others too.

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