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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

The menu item you clicked on should open up to display two additional links.

Please do not subscribe to the newsletter or mailing lists of these old sites as they are no longer active. 

The first one is for the wrestling website that I wrote back in the ancient days of HTML, I first wrote it some time 1998, and updated it semi-regularly until 1999. Come 2000 I started shooting a training video to sell on the site - the first day of shooting I was complaining of feeling weak. This video is in storage in Australia, one day I will pull it out and finish it.

The second site is from 2005, I had a very good designer make this for me quickly. I love the look but I don't like flash as it is too hard to update and it does not rate well with the search engines. The site has all the information I required at the time and marked my determined comeback from the injury that ruined my career over the previous 5 years