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Working With Graeme Murphy And Sydney Dance Company Again?

Tuesday, 05 December 2006

I just recieved a call from Graeme Murphy, a long time friend and owner of Sydney Dance Company. It seems that Sydney Dance Company is organising a return of "Berlin" the smash success modern ballet that I was apparently the inspiration for, and actor in the 80 minute show that toured Australia and New Zealand.

The return show is scheduled...

... for late 2007. Currently September and October for Sydney and maybe some earlier dates in other Australian states.

Whether I can manage to be there for these times I do not yet know, my schedule changes upon a call or an email.

Personally I would love the chance to go back to Sydney Dance Company and work with Graeme Murphy, as he was the first person to really give me a chance to prove I could do something different. From the wrestling ring to the Sydney Opera House stage in a ballet, and I was ecstatic.

Also the chance to see my friends in Sydney would be a fantastic bonus.

As for remaining in Sydney after the show - NO WAY, there is no way for me to follow the career path I have chosen, very little movie work, and even less in the genres that suit my physique and skill set.

In fact the thought of moving back to Sydney to live depresses me.

I was speaking to an expat friend just yesterday, he said he sometimes has nightmares that he was still back in Sydney in his old job and would wake up in a cold sweat with his heart pounding.

Offer me a million dollars to return to Australia to never leave again and I would laugh in your face, life is about the challenge, enjoyment and for me experiencing new things and places. 30 years in one country, no matter how good it is, is a 'mistake' I will never make again.

Though I have no problem at all going back for a short time for a job that will let me see and again work with old friends and help further my career, like the Sydney Dance Company return of Berlin.


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