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Tuesday, 01 July 2008

It is now 2 years since I started this website, time flys fast. It only seems months ago that I was running around this new and strange town (Bangkok) trying to meet industry people with stars in my eyes and no idea of the culture nor the geography.

This time last year I was happy with the progress of my site, it was bringing in enough to survive upon and I was getting contacted for acting work.

So how has it all turned out in the last year.... 


In fact my life now is going gangbusters! Everything is looking up, everything is going well.

The website, despite a ton of work in the last year, the addition of a video section and writing a gain big muscle fast book, a Lose Fat Forever book and the Big Book Of Bodybuilding is still making the same money as last year.

Since Google hides its algorithyms and its payment structure I do not know what is happening but with double the content I am now making half the money from Adsense - yet Google profits are up and online advertising has doubled since last year. I have suspicions that Google has changed the payment structure and now pays websites a smaller percentage - but there is no way to check this.

Despite this my main aim, acting, is taking off. I am now paid more than last year due to several factors;

  1. First of all I am negotiating better, well in fact I am negotiating rather than leaving it to my agent, in fact this is a stipulation now - that I conduct payment negotiations. I feel, and results show, that I am a better negotiator than nearly every agent I have ever had. God knows as a small business owner I had a lot of experience at it.
  2. I now believe I look like a movie star, my physique has improved to the point where it is truly impressive.
    Conan The Model?

    New Improved Conan Photo

  3. I am now known in the local industry and I seem to be getting a reputation for being able to act, to do the emotions and BE what I am supposed to be when the camera is turned on.
  4. The release of Som Tum and playing a major part in it as well as a major part in the locally shot Hindi film Chandni Chowk To China, not to mention writing the script and being major support in Bangkok Adrenaline gives me a lot more credibility - if the others use him in big parts then we can too sort of thinking.
  5. I have not stuffed up critically, nor caused any project to suffer due to disputes (as long as someone is not breaking contract withholding my pay, nor trying to starve me on set, then I am very easy going)

The website itself is being read by producers and casting directors - which was never my intention but it adds to my credibility when I say I have been in India or China shooting when I have photos up of me onset at the locations.

The website still gets just over 1000 visitors a day with the average around 1200 and I now 'own' top spots in Google for all relevant search terms that I need to be found for work such as giant bodybuilder, tall wrestler,  7 foot muscleman, etc.

Out of all the offers I have had via my website there has only been one so far that has turned into a real paying job so far - the Hindi movie DRONA  but I hope there are many more to come.

The site has also helped me at castings, at the insurance TVC I shot a couple of months ago for instance they wanted a 'horror' theme so after my acting - which went brilliantly - I pulled up my showreel on my website and fast forwarded to the Manthing clip and showed them that, then I bookmarked the page. This was shown to the producer and I was able to negotiate a much higher pay rate than originally offered.

Such a large website shows I am not afraid to work and spend my own time trying to further my career. Other actors do this by making short films to keep productive.

With another TV Commercial and a movie plus the FINAL day of fill in scenes for Bangkok Adrenaline plus other sideline ventures things are pleasantly busy with more than enough money coming in to meet my very modest living expenses here in Asia though I am still not living as well as I would in the West, but then again I fit a very good niche in Asia (big bad foreigner) and get work for filling that niche well.

And most importantly I am happy. 

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