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Top 20 Weird Google Search Terms That Had Visitors Come To My Site

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Going through my search logs last night (5 hours worth) I was surprised by some of the search terms people type into Google, Yahoo. MSN and the like. Though I was more surprised that they found my site through those terms.

Here is a list of the top 20....

*UPDATE - Surprise late entry - "why do I pretend to fight with others in front of the mirror" ??? Please tell us when you find out, I for one am interested in why you do this

(drum roll) 

Here are the Conan Stevens Top 20 Weird Search terms...

20. Khmer women dark skin beautiful - not so weird but why does it come to my site?

19. crotch deep in mud - why would anyone search for that?

18. become your girlfriend - please send photo :)

17. are tall girls pretty - no, they are all ugly, every single one

16. best sex tall guy short girl - a bit personal, let's leave it at that

15. bukake - reasonably popular hit for my site, until a Google Ad person got angry that I used this term

14. attractive successful guy - well at least I got some relevant hits

13. ashleigh brilliant if your careful enough nothing good or bad will ever happen to you - I hope you take note Ashleigh

12. anyone found the fat cure - no, and I am worried that the Fat virus might be contagious

11. become success in days - yep, in 3 easy days, just send me $9,999 for the full course

10. advertising a hose to stick up your bum to cleanse & refresh - .... OK, turns out google indexed their own add they displayed on my page, yet mentioning bukkake (see 15 above) was against terms and conditions? Double standards at Google I think.

9. are g strings dangerous - yep, right up there with sharks and crocodiles

8. excuses on why i took your girlfriend - I think at that point excuses don't matter - the friendship is over

7. how to become a gigolo? - any pointers for our wanna be male prostitute?

6. dog fart protein - yeah, there we go, blaming it on the dog again...

5. man-thing naked - exactly why would anyone want to see a naked swamp monster?

4. penis tucking for crossdressers -I am actually lost for words on this one

3. how to give a gay headjob - And the difference between that and a straight blowjob is?

2. does acting gay to hang out with women work - no but acting gay to hang out with guys does




1. a place to have gay sex with horses - WTF???How did this come to my site?


There we go now  - remember to tell your friends.

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