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Massive Size As An Actor - Good Or Bad?

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Got an email today:

"Considering that your size may limit you somewhat to heavies and character parts, I think you are doing exceptionally well."

I thought that was funny, I never thought of it like that - I always thought that I would get the part because no one looked like me.... 

... that was my thought. Movies are fantasy, people want to see fantastic people/physiques. So I spent 20 years in the gym making myself into this creation.

"Limit you ... to character parts" - I always thought that was an advantage, I can't be an extra, I have to be an actor, in a main role, probably an action role. 

That is what I always saw myself as.

But thinking about it, if I was a more normal height and size then I would have gotten a lot more work along the way, a lot more experience, a lot more small roles - a lot more money.

Once again it seems I have gotten the difficult path to follow instead, but I see the difficult path leads to greater riches and opportunities at the end of the tunnel, as I can see a clear path to major roles in major movies which is a lot harder when you are the same as everyone else and competing with thousands of talented actors for a role.

So I have to thank Stuart H. for his kind words in the email and I find it great encouragment from a former successful actor to hear his words that I am doing exceptionally well.

I don't feel it... but then I always drive myself harder than most other people ever would, the challenge is what makes it worthwhile though.

So is being tall a disadvantage in my acting? No, it opens up opportunities in the genres I am a fan of fantasy and science fiction, monster roles, big aliens, giants, superhaman opponents, gods, all these characters are perfect for my physique. I only see this as an advantage.

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