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Sunday, 30 July 2006

OK, so Conan is not my birth name, but I have been called Conan for years, so through English Law (and therefore Australian Law) "Common Usage" it legally is my name...... 

Conan was 'given' to me by an old flatemate. He came home one day and I had been having a BBQ by myself featuring all 5 BBQ food groups as we used to joke - Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Seafood, and of course the obligatory beer to wash it all down. That day I had been working long hours at a high security convention and was I really hungry as I had not had the chance to eat much for 14 hours.

When my flatemate got home I was sitting on the lounge with the newspapers in sections all over the floor and large piles of bones and carcass laying everywhere - he laughed and said it remiinded him of the scene in Conan the Barbarian when they feed Arnold Schwarzenegger though the bars in the cave.

Some other mates were there and heard this, next time we went ot the pub one of them thought it was funny to introduce me to some girls as Conan. This became an ongoing joke to introduce me as Conan and after a while the name just stuck.

The benefit is that once introduced as Conan (no, not Collin), no one ever forgets my name.

When I decided to chase my dreams as an actor properly I needed a ficticious name so I could copyright my various works and as a hopeful SAG member I'd need a unique name. After much thought it was just easiest to use my already well known nickname as my new name to stardom.

 - Conan 

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