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Manthing Horror Movie Trailer Download Available

Monday, 21 August 2006

Finally I have managed to acquire the movie trailer for the Marvel Comics Horror movie I did a couple of years ago - Manthing....

My first major acting role in a major movie, watch the movie trailer and guess who I am, possibly the biggest, ugliest version of Conan you have ever seen...

Manthing DVD Cover

Click to watch the trailer

Manthing is a horror movie that follows a basic story line that goes like this - When two men assigned to scout out a swamp for oil drilling simply vanish, local authorities set out on a mission to discover what caused their disappearance. But what they ultimately discover is more horrific than they could ever imagine-- a swamp creature that feeds off of human fear.

So are you into Horror Movies? Are you into Swamp Monsters? Are you into tall actors in rubber suits? Then watch the trailer - or better yet buy the movie

Also read my personal experience during the audition and filming of the movie here

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