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Casting Today For Indian Movie

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

As per usual in the East I recieved last minute notice (yesterday) of a casting (audition) for a new Indian movie being filmed in Bangkok and China.

The role was described to me as a main support - oohhhhh!!!! Nice.

The bodyguard to the main character...... 

As soon as I heard this I was rather interested. Further details were that they were looking for someone who can act and "with a very big body".

To be honest without being big headed this is my role, I thought. I have now worked with Indians twice and I have a great deal of respect for them, their stunt teams and their movies.

So today I went to the casting and was met by Kaew (pronounced similar to Gow in English), one of the producers from the Bangkok Adrenaline movie and to be perfectly fair probably the most important person in getting that project off the ground besides Ray Huber whose idea it was.

At the casting was basically everyone I knew in the scene in BKK, except one guy - Big Al - I regret not getting a photo - he was F'n huge, not lean but a BIG guy, I shook his hand and it barely fit in my hand. Next time I see him I'll make more of an effort to chat.

So I chatted with Kaew and found out the the Thia Logies are being held on the 17th of this month! Bugger! I have a non-changable air ticket to Phnom Penh on the 16th to meet some production houses over there and make contacts - I spoke to Kaew and told her if they wanted me to go to the Logies and it was feasible then I'd stay and miss Phnom Penh. Tomorrow I get more details from Kaew if I stay for the Thai Logies or I go to Phnom Penh and meet the people over there.

And so I pass the time until my turn to go into the casting room.

Right, I come prepared more than anyone else, plus there is a bonus. I bring a print out of my resume and a CD with my portfolio photos, showreel and digital version of my acting resume. The bonus is that one of the casting crew is the lady I did my first acting job in Thailand with.

So the fellow running the casting asks me to do the standard poses. Front on, 45 degrees to the left, eyes to camera, 45 degrees to the right, eyes to camera. I throw in some bodybuilding poses to show my arms, why not? It differentiates me.

Then I do the standard introduction:

"Hi, my name is Conan I am 210cm tall and 145 kg (I always round off) and have been in 8 cinema release movies, my last 2 roles were as principle actor. I have military training and various martial arts training and was the Australian Professional Wrestling Champion. Previously I worked as a bodyguard in Australia to the lowest places right up to working with the Australian Prime Minister."

Reasonably impressive I think, considering the role is as a Bodyguard (with a big body). 

After this they asked me to take my shirt off - glad I have been dieting now and asked me to act out a fight and ad lib the dialogue.

Hmmmm.... I thought... a fight.... here we go.... drag out a silly fight sequence..... ahhh... but no.... I am in charge of this one.... OK..... ready!

I proceed to tell a guy in front of me that my client does not want him here and to piss off, increasing in aggression until I go wild "grab him" by the hair punch him in the head twice and finish him with a hammer hit to the top of the head then proceed to tell two other goon to F! right off or you'll get it too.

I thought I did well, I went wild, then I backed off to merely threatening with calm voice and wild eyes, I played a range of anger as much as I could while showing a professional bodyguard and an out of control thug in the same short sequence.

As we left the casting the casting director had a few words to Kaew and basically said I did VERY well, so now we wait and see what eventuates... but I am very positive about it - and very happy - this is right up my alley.


 (UPDATE: This was the casting call for the hindi film Chandi Chowk to China with Akshay Kumar starring)

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