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Being Considered For The Indian Movie

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I just recieved a call to make an appointment to go and see the Director of the Indian movie that I cast for yesterday.

That means only one thing - I am seriously being considered for the part...

Besides the obvious of they would not want to see me again if they were not interested there is another reason that movie Producers and Directors want to meet potential actors in their films.

As was explained to me by Brett Leonard when I went to meet him for the Man-Thing movie

The Producers are putting a lot of money into a movie, each minute of film costs a small fortune - not only the actual film if shooting on 35mm but also the daily wages, equipment hire, location hire, travel, admin costs, etc. Therefore whoever you work with is going to have to stay with you the whole movie, it's not like working in an office where if someone is  annoying you can sack him and call a temp agency to have his position filled tomorrow.

If you sack an actor you have to reshoot everything he has already been in with all the other people, locations, equipment, etc OR you have to re-write the script to cut him out as much as possible to save costs OR you need to find a logical reason (with no vocabulary) and a stunt double and kill the character mid-movie, which is often impossible.

Any of these leads to great problems, as does any other possible solution except the grin and bear it method, just do whatever needs to be done to finish the movie - then vow to never work with that guy again.

So as explained to me by Brett Leonard we need to make sure that we can work with you for 6 weeks, and that you won't quit. 

So what this means to me is that I "have the part" IF the meeting with the Director goes well and we get along AND the other consideration which most actors forget about is the monetary side of things.

Just because someone has made you first choice from those cast does not necessarily mean that you want to work with them either, so tomorrow is also my chance to find out about the proposed role, the significance of it, what it will mean to my career and what sort of pay rate will be put on the table for negotiations.

Though to be honest, if the movie Producers/Directors seriously want you and you want to work in that role things are generally pretty easy to work out. 

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