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Chandni Chowk To China

Monday, 17 March 2008

Chandni Chowk To China is the title of the Indian movie that I auditioned for a month ago. Natually I got the part, the Henchman to the main bad guy in the movie with a decent role and decent exposure.

More importantly for me this is a Warner Brothers movie. In fact it is Warner Brothers first Indian production, in an effort to break into the huge and growing Indian movie market. As such it follows the recent trend of modern Indian movies in being a departure from the classic style of singing and dancing movies.

Add in Akshay Kumar, one of India's most popular and talented Actors, an extremely talented Honk Kong Stunt Team lead by and Action directed by Dee Dee (Kill Bill 1&2, Lethal Weapon 4 + MORE) a mix of comedy and outlandish situations and you get....

One of the most fun movies I have yet worked on.

Surprisingly this is Akshay Kumar's first comedy movie. judging by his acting on set and spontaneity I thought this was his regular gig. Upon doing a little research I found that his main roles that he is well known for are in fact villain roles - a total contrast to his personality on set.


The above information was from another website that specialises in Indianfilms and is supposed to be a knowledgable expert.

After speaking with Akshay personally he has done over 120 films over about 20 years.

Also from reader Nima Lama he sent in this correction of his own:

There is one thing that I must inform you about, I was reading one of your articles where you wrote about Akshaye Kumar that CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA is his first ever comedy movie, and that he usually plays negative roles... but I tell you brother, that is not true he did play negative roles but it was I think 2-3 movies and as for his comedy movie Debut, well that took almost 2 years ago, he has been doing alot of comedy movies and you know... there are more than a dozen of comedy movies under his belt so Chandni Chowk to China was not his first comedy movie. I think someone gave you some false information, but what can you do right? must be part of SHOWBIZ.

The other fellow I have been working closely (fighting) with is Rodger Yuan. Veteran actor and stuntman with many, many movies under his belt.

Professionally for me this is a very interesting film. First of all being Warner Brothers first Indian film I am hoping that there will be a great deal of interest in this project back at the head office as success will open up a new market of over 1 billion persons.

Getting myself in front of a bunch of producers is good news.

Additionally the character I am playing is an Albino Hitman, and with appropriate makeup and a costume I am thrilled with, my character looks very imposing. Adding some acting  to it and I think the character, Joey, will come across as an extremely scary individual, very threatening and somewhat sadistic.

Having seen some of the footage as we check each take I can already say that I am very happy with some of the scenes. One in particular Rodger turned to me and said that is a very good take. I liked it so much myself it will be the new introduction for my showreel as soon as I can get the footage.

Overall I have been very happy with the filming, moreso with my own performance as an professional actor.

This time I am working with a major star, and very experienced professionals from Hong Kong, China, India and Thailand and I am doing well, not making too many (and no critical) mistakes, generally only a few takes needed per scene, listening to direction well and providing what is required and sometimes more.

I feel this justifies what some other juniour artists have previously labeled as arrogance on my behalf, I prefer to call it confidence and a knowledge that I could do better if given the chance. 

I can see this role leading to some major film work in future, I seriously believe the footage from this will be enough to secure appropriate roles in US films in future - then that will really kickstart my career :D 

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