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How To Get Upcoming Movie And TV Auditions

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

How do you find out about upcoming Movie and TV auditions? Especially Movie and TV auditions (or castings) that no one else knows about?

Just in the last few days I have been seperately contacted by producers of 2 seperate USA TV shows and 1 Casting Agent for a Action Movie Role.

Add this to the well connected Casting Agent who contacted me last month for a possible role in a Hong Kong Action Movie and  it seems that the future is very bright.

But how do I find out early about these upcoming Movie and TV auditions?

Now first up I have to say that with many 'shows of interest' and possible roles many (most) generally do not end up amounting to anything except a contact for future possible work. So by in no way am I thinking that I will get all 3 actor roles that have been brought to my attention this week.

Add to this I have to check whether the actor roles are suitable for where I want my acting career to go afterwards, and finally whether there is an agreement on the financial side of things.

But regardless of that, getting early knowledge and gaining these valuable contacts will turn into something. Like dating it's a numbers game. Check out potential compatible suitors and every now and then the right one will turn up. 

So the big question is how did I get in contact with these TV and movie producers?

I am still a light weight in the world of acting, yet I have this valuable inroad, I get advance warning of auditions and castings, I love it, it helps me feel like I am becoming the success I work so hard to be.

But still i waffle on, you want the answer don't you? OK, I'll shut up for a bit and hit you with the facts.

My website.

My website brings the contacts.

With over 1000 unique visitors everyday to there are going to be some important movie people in the mix somewhere.

Add this to the fact that I have worked in a full time capacity (rarely is there a week that goes by when I do not put in 70 hours a week on the computer) now for just over a year and have links all over the web pointing back in, and I have optimised the site for Search Engines to index and rank my articles correctly and spend many hours studying, learning writing and self promoting.

For all this work I rate very well in Google for the following terms;

  1. Tall actor
  2. 7 foot actor
  3. Tall bodybuilder
  4. Tall wrestler
  5. 7 foot bodybuilder
  6. Tall muscleman
  7. 7 foot muscleman
  8. Bodybuilding actor
  9. Muscle actor
  10. Stunt actor

And MANY others.

These are exactly the sorts of terms that producers of movies or TV shows may search for when looking to audition someone like me.

And guess what? I make it as easy as possible for them to find me. It is like being in a network of friends and Google is a mutual friend, Google introduces us and we take it from there.

If you are being considered for a major movie role then as an actor you will work with production a little bit, the script may be rewritten to suit (esp if you are 7 feet tall) and other changes may have to be made or accommodated for. 

So the short answer to how I get early notice of upcoming movie and TV show auditions and castings is basically a grass roots self promotion utilising various forms of Internet advertising AND by building myself into a unique and specialised product package.

The other way to get advance notice is to work, work well, and be pleasant. Over time you will get a reputation for being pleasant and doing your job well, this alone will bring in direct contacts from people who have worked with you before. This is very important. After all no one is going to want to work with an abrasive personality again.

To further this I would recommend producing some short films so you can get a taste of what a feature length Producer might go through for 6 months or more at a time. Once you understand what hte crew and production go through it makes it far easier to understand their point of view at times.

Read your contract before you sign it, know EXACTLY what your responsibilities are, there is no good will gained from you or your agent trying to change it after you sign it.  Stick by your contract, if you feel like you've been cheated then treat it as a lesson and learn from it.

Spend time with the crew, don't be shy and sit with the other actors all the time, get out of your way and meet everyone - you're all a team, best to act like a part of the team, you'll be remembered for it.

But mostly just be pleasant :)

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