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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bangkok Arenaline Movie Trailer is an extreme action stunts and tricking. No wires or ropes everything is real. 90 minutes of the most extreme tricking artists, acrobats, martial arts and stuntmen in the world in this new Bangkok based movie.

Yes it is here the Bangkok Arenaline Movie Trailer has been released at the Bangkok International Film Festivaland I have two versions of the trailer - one a story based trailer and the other a much more exciting action packed  action trailer.

See which one you prefer... 


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The Bangkok Arenaline Movie Trailers are different mainly in that the Action version has been edited with the help of Ron Smoorenburg the action director with the obvious focus on the world's best action fighters involved in this project.

The other trailer was designed by a professional editing house as a normal movie trailer about a kidnapping, whereas we (the main foreigners involved) believe it is the action that is going to sell the movie, not the story, though the story will be entertaining we believe and very different to anything else ever released.

Personally I do not know of any other poor ex-pat foreigners trying to make it in a massively different culture who have written and made a movie about the potential struggles that they themselves face. (No, we are not actually planning a kidnap).

Bangkok Adrenaline Movie Trailer - Action

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Bangkok Adrenaline Movie Trailer - Story Line 

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There! Can't access Youtube in Thailand I'll make and host my own personal Youtube like service. Have fun watching the Bangkok Adrenaline Movie Trailer

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