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Som Tam Movie Publicity Launch

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Today the Baa Ram Ewe movie studios FINALLY launched the Som Tam movie wherein I fight with Nathan Jones filming finished quite awhile ago, but it is good to see one of the Thai movies I have done coming out in cinema here.

Today was the publicity launch at the Central World Cinema complex.....

.... I do not know who all the cameras were filming for but there would have been close to 50 TV quality cameras filming the event, not quite as big as the Manga World opening but then there was no free alcohol on offer for the press.

Nathan was there for an interview and the trailer clearly portrays him as the main character, I only caught a glimpse of the trailer as I dodged backstage to complete some other business.

So now the Som Tam trailer is showing in Cinema, and the advertising posters should be going up in cinema and hopefully on billboards around the city soon. Why? Because I feature on one of the posters and in the trailer.

Finally I get some recognition, finally I get some 'air time' in cinema, finally I will get some respect in the industry for my work.

Finally I will be a star in Thailand. (Well maybe just a little one - but if the other movies would hurry up and release) 

Finally making progress....  oh, yes, and I finally got paid in full for the movie too, that took a while....

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