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One Year Since I Left Australia

Saturday, 27 January 2007

This month should be one heck of an interesting month for myself, 2 movies I have acted in are scheduled for release, 2 movies start shooting, 2 magazine articles will be published and then some more.... 

... Here is the full list of current projects coming out this month:

There was also talk today of another movie studio looking for fighters for 1 or 2 days of shooting almost immediately for a local movie.  I have the number of the casting director to call tomorrow.

The Bodyguard 2 - is due for release in Thai Cinemas in March, the advertisements are playing in cinema now.

The Thaitanium (Thaitaynium) Hip Hop music video should be released very shortly too.

Finally after just over a year since I left Australia some of the work I have done will be released and I can gain a little from the additional exposure. A couple of cinema release movies here will get me known to the average person in the street so this could wind up funny or annoying, but with the Thais sense of humour and general friendliness it should be good.

It will also be nice to get some additional footage for my showreel, even though the parts are all 'small' parts.

All in all I can say it has been a pretty good year and leaving Australia to make my dreams come true has been a good idea, things are looking up this year and I expect by this time next year I will be making more of an international splash.


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