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My First Day Shooting The Action Comedy Movie Bangkok Adrenaline

Friday, 02 March 2007

Yesterday was my first day on set shooting our action comedy (well we think it is funny) movie, Bangkok Adrenaline . There were many other first for me too, first time in a major role, first time doing comedy professionally, first time I remembered the whole script (helps when you are the Script Writer).


Conan in a rare serious moment (until the camera started rolling) 

 First up, our hideout, a derelict old builing on the outskirts of the city, it was a mess inside - and perfect for shooting this scene. Vaguely reminisant of my old pads when I was attending University and sharing an old, old house with 5 other guys. Several rooms had junk furniture placed in them with assorted 'boys' type posters all over the walls. Also the toilet did not work... try 40 people on set for 16 hours and no working toilet...


John and Conan's House (The Hideout)

Next after breakfast we went up to costume and makeup. SURPRISE - they had tracked down clothes and shoes that fit me! So after the customary here I brought some clothes too negotiations everyone had their final wardrobe changes sorted - something that was needed at the start as I had 3 costumes that day and 5 changes in total. 


Getting Ready

Then the fun/work started, here is Eric telling us what to do - though at this point I think he was telling us what not to do. Working on set is fun while you are doing something, but it is boring as heck when you are waiting between takes. It gets especially boring when you just have a small part to play and sit around all day. Luckily(?) in this movie I have a major part (luck = preparation) and am busy most of the time. 


Eric Dodd explains what he wants as Bruce Lee watches over (poster)

Not to be outdone is our lovely lead Actress Pooh Priya, 1/2 Thai and 1/2 American this lady is beautiful and surprisingly talented as an actress. After the first rehearsal day with her everyone was surprised and very happy that she is not just a pretty face. She plays her part well and looks fantastic on camera - a perfect pick for the role. 


Pooh Priya - our prisoner 

A quick double bicep for the camera. You will have to wait until the movie comes out to see the full cinema screen 15 foot diameter Conan Bicep. I do one good arm flex in the movie yesterday which shocked even Gwion he jumped when he saw me flex it surprised him that much. 


World's Biggest Biceps - They Will Be When Viewed At Your Local Theatre Screen

Ray reading lines to an on camera actor, this is how they do movies realisitcally when the camera is cutting between people talking. One stands in front of the camera and talks, the other stands behind. Then the camera, lights and everything are moved to then show the other person talking and they do the lines again. Then there is a shot side on of both of them in camera doing thier lines, then maybe a few more shots depending upon what the director wants to accomplish with the viewers reactions. This in all can get tedious when you have to do the same conversation 15 times over, it depends on your frame of mind.


Ray (John) reading lines to Daniel

Lastly comes the fun part between takes as the camera and lights are moved around for the next shot we can go watch the performance on TV as we get digital playback. This helps a lot as an actor because you can see what works on camera and what does not and modify your further takes armed with this new information.


Having a laugh at our own movie (or out takes there of)

All in all this started out a lot of fun....

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